We’re officially doing summer break!

I wasn’t sure we would. We usually just flow and adapt as things in our life change, and that can be influenced by seasons but usually not schedules. 

I wouldn’t have intentionally stopped anything to start a break, but we have had a lot of major changes to our routine lately that have made me realize there’s also no reason to cling onto what we’ve been doing just to say we’re doing it – or otherwise fail to adapt smoothly. 

Instead of coming up with what we’re doing next, we’re just going to take all of the pressure and expectations off and see where life takes us. We always get to decide if we want to make intentional adjustments. I don’t need or want the control to try to manipulate anything into my reality right now. 

Let it happen. Let my mind rest. I work best when I’m calm and internally aware. These days, I trust my intuition even when everything else is all noise. I’m healing. I’m adjusting. I’m letting something amazing unfold. There’s enough going on without forcing anything else. 

Time to soak it in. When it’s time to plan again, I know I’ll be ready and excited to pursue the next steps. 

I’m exactly where I need to be, and I’m reminding myself that expectations can be adjusted to be where you’ve ended up instead of where you may have projected. It’s a different destination, not one we got wrong. 

Acknowledging all of this, I’m going to intentionally take a break from weekly updates of our activities focused around homeschool. I may show up to talk about what’s on my mind during this transition. I fully intend to be back with more of the same or some adaptation in the future. We’ll see what happens!

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