2021 Homeschool weeks 22 & 23

The week I chose to take off was filled with great activities I wanted to write about as they were happening. As I mentioned last week, I ended up inundated with social interaction; and when it came to writing or moving forward, I honored my need for easing into the new week over trying to force communication, even just by writing. Not much blog-worthy content took place the next week, but we gave ourselves permission to go with the flow.  

We started with a rainy Monday and Studio Ghibli films since I removed the need to push myself. We spent an evening playing cards with my grandparents, and we went for a fun swim where Sammy decided he needed to jump in to make sure we were okay!

The previous week rolled into the holiday weekend with an all night catch up with a friend who was in town. We spent the previous evening around the fire pit talking and continually googling the answers to Myles’ infinite questions about various topics that came up. I sat back and listened, realizing this is exactly why I’m comfortable taking the unschooling approach most of the time. A Sunday evening full of new concepts will always supersede trying to stay on track with a schedule for me.  

Myles ended up finding out he had also acquired a Minecraft buddy, and I “let” him stay up until 4am playing. At that point, I suggested he get some sleep, and he happily went to bed. The ADHD adults continued talking until Myles woke up again and showed off his chickens and their eggs. 

The next few days, Myles continued taking classes with Varsity Tutors. He finished:

Fun-damentals of Fractions, Multiplication, & Division 

Jurassic Class: All About Dinosaurs

Getting Bug-gy! Class

Primates of the World Class

Later in the week, we went berry picking with friends, which has become a yearly adventure for us. The berries are delicious, and it’s a lot of fun!

What may not seem like a week full of learning includes so much of real life without stopping to make it a contrived lesson. Beyond the information consumed,  we’re modeling how to learn, how to adjust, self-awareness, and growth.

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