2021 Homeschool Week 18 | May 3

My intro to this post got lengthy, so I gave it all the attention I felt it deserved, as a separate post.

This one will be a short overview of our homeschool activities this week. 

I didn’t offer much energy this week. The most I did was make resources available. I have no shame attached to these statements, as I once would have. I didn’t have energy to give, and I did provide a full and balanced week. I recharged, the kiddo learned, we spent enjoyable time together – success!  

I think I may have just figured out that in the past when I’ve felt I wasn’t doing enough it’s because I’m used to the hyperactivity that comes with my ADHD, so when I’m too tired for that to manifest in the usual enthusiasm, it feels like I’m “not doing anything”. Also guilt from years of seeing any form of rest scrutinized as laziness because neurodivergent individuals are expected to function against their needs to perpetuate the status quo. 

Left unattended, Myles found his way onto Google Earth multiple times this week. He looked for our house and grandparents’ house nearby, and proudly shared that he had used a fast food restaurant as a landmark to get to our area! Problem solving, exploration, geography. It’s almost like their brains are wired to learn!  

Provide some resources and that’s the direction learning will take. 

On that note, I had started a puzzle a couple weeks ago, which led to Myles choosing another puzzle based on his personal interest. This week, we started the new puzzle of Hedwig, and he enthusiastically came to the table multiple times to try to find a piece or two, claiming the Hedwig portion be only his to assemble. When we first started this one, Myles suggested we start the next audiobook in the Harry Potter series, so we used an Audible credit on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Book 6*, listening to the first 3 hours as we organized and started our puzzle.

*This is not a trap; it is an affiliate link, and I may earn a commission from its use. Thank you for supporting the time and effort I put into providing this content. I only recommend products I have used.

Myles continued classes with Varsity Tutors. He had his last sessions of Playing in the Parks, and he was excited to tell me about some places he wants us to go! He also spent time exploring new locations in Around the World with Google Earth, with a teacher who got deeply into history and culture as she showed them around.  

We had unintentionally missed the first two sessions of the Candyology class the week before, but we jumped in right in time to make edible slime from candy. The recipe called for Starburst, but despite my grocery pickup right before class, they somehow didn’t make it on the order and we used Laffy Taffy we had from Easter. It worked pretty well, and of course, it was delicious! The next class session, we learned how to make gummies with gelatin and juice.

We spent a couple evenings with family this week, having both a movie night and a tech support night. We made a requested dinner of creamy pasta and gooey rice krispie treats for my mom and sister, and Myles was able to surprise them with homemade ice cream he had learned to make minutes before in his Candyology class! He proudly introduced them to one of his favorite movies: Spies in Disguise*, and we ended up watching Lip Sync Battles thanks to Tom Holland’s performance in both.  

*This is not a trap; it is an affiliate link, and I may earn a commission from its use. Thank you for supporting the time and effort I put into providing this content. I only recommend products I have used.

I kept my involvement in the week to an easy, non-demanding recharge of much audiobook listening and puzzle piecing. I shared my personal experience with the impending burnout here, if you’d like to read my update.  

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