2021 Homeschool Week 17 | April 26

I took a much needed break this weekend from expectations and trying to keep up. I’m showing up to this space mentally refreshed and refocused on my purpose here. 

I’m reminded of what I know to be true for myself – that when I allow space, I end up achieving much more of what I want and balancing my time better than if I tried to plan every moment to a schedule. 

Lately, I have had a very unimposing schedule with babysitting a few days after school and one long day each weekend. Even then, the combination of that with time demands for – and I know we’ve been trained to believe this sounds ridiculous – reaching a major life goal, took over my life flow and had me feeling too close to burnout and survival mode.

This weekend, I was repeatedly reminded of why I choose this lifestyle and put in all the work required to maintain it. It’s not because it’s effortless, but because it creates the freedom my soul craves. It’s the only way for me to live. I compromise and sacrifice too much of myself when I try to live by rules that don’t fit me. So I’m committed to my responsibility to myself and the human in my care to continue to seek a lifestyle that benefits us to our core, not just to perpetuate our existence. 

With this refreshed sense of freedom, I’m sure next week will be more exciting to share. For now, here’s how we got through this last week. 

Not yet refreshed, I gave myself the space to not overwhelm myself with demands, while not quite feeling I had enough space to let my whole guard down while there were still expectations – that had to wait for the weekend as mentioned above, when my time and space could be fully reclaimed.  

I relied on classes from Varsity Tutors for stimulation and learning this week. I had already signed us up for them, and they came at the perfect time to let them take the lead.  

Myles took another session of Around the World with Google Earth, exploring different regions on the map. He spent time outside of class continuing to explore as he was interested. He found his dad’s house and worried that it had a sale sign! I explained how the photos are taken and updated over time, and that the photos must have been from the time before they moved in there. He said he was going to look for our house next.  

He continued a class he had started last week: Playing in the Parks. The instructor outlined the types of parks they would be looking at each class session, including national parks, theme parks, underwater parks, and more. Perfect timing with the purchase of our RV for him to be discovering places he would like to travel!

He also continued his class, Getting Bug-gy, exploring insects. One class this week focused on the praying mantis, and he learned lots of facts that kept him entertained while we worked on a jigsaw puzzle together.  

I let myself be drawn to connecting pieces when I needed to be doing something but not doing something that felt demanding. 

One morning while I was doing this, Myles set himself up with classes, finishing his audiobook The Dragonet Prophecy (Wings of Fire 1)* before it had to be returned to the library, and playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo Switch*. He listened to his audiobook before and between classes, and he played his game throughout. It worked perfectly for him. I could tell he wasn’t bored when class wasn’t moving at a pace that would keep him fully engaged, and he made responses to class from time to time that amused me, realizing how much of his attention it was also getting even if it may not have looked like it.  

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We completed our last week of babysitting with lots more outdoor playtime and a couple extra afternoons together instead of the long weekend day. We will definitely have to continue to get these two together for adventures outside of babysitting needs.  

The previous weekend, Myles stayed with me so they could play together. He normally goes to his Dad’s house over the weekend, but both kiddos said it would be more fun if he stayed. We got out a ton of arts and craft supplies, they created a restaurant where they served each other food, and they made up plenty of other games with his toys.

Observing their interactions shows me how much trusting Myles with his own thoughts and perceptions has strengthened his ability to navigate personal interactions from authenticity. We did have a couple talks about choosing how we want others to feel while interacting with us and how we can be genuine and honest while also being kind – and how all of that is a choice for each individual to explore and balance.  

We went to the park with another friend again. Everyone goes to bed early for school, so showing up before dusk gives time to play with random kids and then wind down with all the equipment alone – best of both worlds! We discovered this by coincidence, but we may keep it on purpose.

That was our week: simple, relaxing, engaging without being overwhelming… It was what we needed this week. Next week will inevitably look different as we adjust to our time being fully our own again. We may fall into a new routine that lasts us a few weeks in a row, or we may continue to find each week brings new things. Some of the things that we’ve put off until we had more time will come back into focus. The weather warming up again will bring increased gardening, or maybe just garden planning if the rain forecast holds true. 

Wishing you a fantastic week of adventure and peace!

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