2021 Homeschool Week 9 | March 1

This week we slowed down and soaked it in. We spent several days outside in the beautiful weather, and we didn’t set any expectations for a pace to keep up with. 

One day, I threw a blanket, pillow, books, and devices onto the trampoline; and we spent the day outside. 

We read in our hammock swings or atop monkey bars. We were wild and free – or relaxed and free, depending on the moment. 

We received more new books this week, continuing our obsessions with both Oliver Jeffers and the Death Note series (yes, quite different from each other). 

Since we finished the Death Note Complete Box Set* manga last week, we started reading the fanfiction novel: Death Note: Another Note – The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases* while our enthusiasm was fresh. We can’t get enough. Fortunately we have another novel waiting as well.  

I’m currently looking for our next manga, considering several options we’ve saved in the past. 

As for our Oliver Jeffers books, these are the new ones we received:

A Child of Books*

The Great Paper Caper*

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth*

Myles continued with his Varsity Tutors classes, wrapping up Your Immune System at Work and continuing with Space: The Final Frontier.

I didn’t listen in, so I can’t report on these classes, but he seemed to enjoy them. He opted out of Spanish this week. It didn’t really suit our schedule, and we didn’t interrupt our life flow to cram it in. 

After classes, Myles often pulls up YouTube while waiting for me to finish whatever I’m doing while he’s occupied. We’ve learned to work together well in this regard. Often, I’ll use it as an opportunity to mentally prepare for the next few steps if there are things we need to do, or I’ll suggest we transition to a book or activity when he’s done. 

I’ve noticed now that he freely chooses to watch YouTube in his spare time, there’s really no resistance to pause and join me when I may ask something like, “do you want to grab the science encyclopedia, and check out the next section?” He just pauses it, knowing he will go back when he feels like it, and we engage in something together. 

This week, we looked over the section on Nitrogen in our Science: A Visual Encyclopedia*.

I’m considering purchasing the Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t* as well. I’ll let you know if we get it, and what we think. I’m also aware we may be spending less time inside in front of encyclopedias this time of year and more time out in the garden and exploring outdoors, so we may set aside this purchase for the fall/winter.  

The Chickenology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia* on my wishlist may be a better resource for Spring. I didn’t mean to find this, but I’m convinced I need it in my life.  

*This is not a trap; it is an affiliate link, and I may earn a commission from its use. Thank you for supporting the time and effort I put into providing this content. I only recommend products I have used.

We also stumbled into watching the Dr Dolittle movies from the 90s. I mentioned wanting to watch the newer one sometime, and Myles was determined to watch those first. We saw the first two, and then got hung up without Disney Plus for the third one. 

The next evening, we decided to try out the Netflix live action Death Note since we had finished the series. It’s not that I regret watching it, I just regret that it was ever made. How can you get so many things wrong (and yes, I mean wrong, not just creatively different – going opposite of direct rules the story hinges on is a failure). I will save the paragraphs of ranting I could add here for a more appropriate space. Myles seemed okay with it. 

We watched a few episodes of the anime as a palate cleanser. Much better. 

We pulled out our Greece Atlas Crate again to work on one of the craft projects included. Myles read the story about the Trojan Horse and followed the steps to create his own. He was proud to tell me the story and show me the hidden compartment in his horse – which he commented wouldn’t hold very much, but found the lever was fun to karate chop to open.

We left the house for a nice trail walk, overlooking the water, and of course, throwing rocks and sticks into it. I think it may be time to compile a list of places we’d like to explore when we see there’s a beautiful day.

I think my favorite day this week was the one we spent in our yard, relaxing, reading, playing, letting the dogs run around (especially enjoyable after a week of rain and almost constantly wet yard). 

We read a few more chapters of Monsters and Mold (Zoey and Sassafras)* while Myles climbed and hung from the monkey bars.  

Myles had also taken advantage of the warm day to clean out his chicken coop. He takes care of his chickens, including cleaning up after them, feeding them, and collecting their eggs. Now that his youngest chickens are laying eggs, he is looking for customers!

Previously, he has sold eggs to my grandparents and recorded his income on a spreadsheet. He purchases their food (of course I help when needed) and he even bought his new chicks last summer with the money he had saved up in his “business”. Obviously this teaches money management, counting, preparation, and other useful life skills.

We had a beautiful week.

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